it's just that​.​.​.

by mix amylo

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beautiful collection of 11 acoustic songs by mix amylo...each one a quirky, melancholic blend of voice and piano or acoustic guitar, with the colours of added instruments such as sax, trumpet, violin and clarinet creating atmospheric mini-worlds...


released March 3, 2003

mix amylo : vocals, piano, songwriter, clarinet, soprano sax, production
michael casswell : acoustic guitar, guitar effects
chris white : tenor sax
hutch : trumpet
sunday : flute
mina : japanese voice

all album art by mix amylo



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Track Name: bedhead
i will never be there again
flying through my bedhead,
lie here wondering where or when
i could glue my blue to red...
Track Name: carpet sweepings
i think i found you dead from the waist up
and you don't know it,
i wouldn't call you stupid, but tasteless,
and can i go yet?
i was licking up surface cream
but now i'm picking up a losing theme,
and i'm gonna leave by the back door...
Track Name: this case, my case
the air inside here
streams down my cheek
to mark the occasion,
every word i've ever known
flies by in plural,
have patience with my
extra sensitive senses,
i feel but more than you,
extra sensitive senses,
my wheel turns louder and longer
and sometimes it totally blocks my view...
Track Name: take your time (acoustic version)
tens of reasons not to listen
to the murmuring that misses
all the frequencies that glistens
in your blinded eyes,
kissing lips that hold no fear of making
you feel like your world is breaking,
sleeping while you should be waking,
stirring when you should be shaking...
Track Name: weak as you
try your luck with the other fish you fried previously
Track Name: river red
things i saw
things they did to me
skin is raw
words bit into me
things i said
things i did to them
river red
i cut into them
Track Name: thing for me
go smoke your happiness
burn your lazy finger
light up your dying cool
fire your last cylinder
drink up your mother milk
spend your easy money
blow down the other door
laugh when things get funny
Track Name: over
he thinks i'm over
over my baby bed
time made me older
old enough to forget
maybe i grew colder
caught up in my regret
maybe i'd have told her
maybe i was scared
Track Name: tried again
smoothing over
always proves to be
a delicate operation,
and fighting for your state of mind
seems to strip away my chances
of going sane...
tried and tried again...
Track Name: half of the blame
if only we could get over this
by now we'd be the same,
and we might laugh a bit too loudly.
if only we could get over this
by now, and lose the pain
i would be man enough to take half of the blame...
Track Name: all for something
waking up to drops of me
sightseeing in strange corridors,
tripping over fumbles of thought of sound,
too loud,
this harsh spotlight on my swirling world