by mix amylo

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the third album from mix amylo, the 10 songs on 'dissolved' have more of a live band feel, with various fantastic musicians featured on each track...the mixture of real drums and bass, combined with keyboards, guitars and programmed noises, blends all the styles that mix uses, such as funky pop, soulful rockypop, jazz-influenced grooves and haunting ballads...


released June 6, 2006

mix amylo : vocals, keyboards, sax, songwriter, programming, production
michael casswell : guitar
hutch : trumpet
kaz kasozi : bass
phil wiliams : bass
scott hammond: drums
tim bye : drums
chris : bass

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Track Name: did we go too long
this i how you get your kicks,
sickening flicks of your net curtain,
hurling bricks and checking for certain
how my mind ticks...
this is how you get your fix,
ignoring licks and quicksand sinking,
drinking tricks of the light and thinking
how my mud sticks...
Track Name: i won't be happy
i won't be happy till i live like you,
woke up soaking through,
and through all of this i hate you too,
i won't be happy while i live this way,
fighting every other day,
any day of yours is better, i say...
Track Name: some other time
open and close me,
pour them over me,
all the words you can find,
i'll thank you some other time,
sanity throws me
but you're showing me not to leave it behind,
i'll thank you some other time...
Track Name: turn the gas down low
if you steam your way through every day
you lose your sense of satisfaction,
you can be too greedy, don't you know,
she lives her life to steal another piece of the action,
don't push it too far,
turn the gas down low...
Track Name: 100
scream if you mean it,
stop if you wanna stop...
Track Name: nothing there anymore
even in the eyes it's the same thing,
i know you but now i don't,
staring at your hands when you came in,
you touched me but now you won't,
no wave of sadness is passing through me,
just one of numbness and curiosity,
so impossible to imagine how we were ever
flesh and pressing breath and meshed completely together,
i'm not cold,
i'll always be warm to be core,
but there's nothing there anymore...
Track Name: sing your own song
sing your own song,
tell me i'm wrong,
maybe life's too long,
sing your own song
if you find one,
maybe life's too long...
Track Name: tell me
you're looking at me like i fell in a wave
and i swallowed a sea,
and you were the only one there
who could save me from what might have been,
and you kept your legs on the shore
and left bravery up to me...
Track Name: this particular can
this particular can should stay closed
for longer than i can hold my tongue,
this particular can would explode
and all of our bits would stay far-flung...
Track Name: silence
your silence plus my silence is deafening...